Our Community

The Utopia business model has a unique measure of success.  We are working to
establish higher standards for the construction industry, specifically in the people
delivering these services.  This will be accomplished by emphasizing the following
values, priorities and objectives in our structured training and mentoring programs;


Being personally responsible and accountable for your choices and actions


Taking pride in quality trade craft and a mindful work ethic


Having a genuine care and concern for our client’s home and needs


Delivering our services in a prompt and professional manner


Providing an employment pathway that awards initiative with growth opportunities


Becoming a Builder and making a meaningful contribution to our community


Do all of this while also being a profitable business venture

We teach them the most important facets of craftsmanship: professionalism, promptness, listening, communication, meticulous attention to detail. Once we feel they are ready, they join us in the field, moving up through skill levels based on their experience and aptitude. They learn to take pride in both their skill level and being of service, enjoying the opportunity to contribute to the homes, families and communities they serve.

About us

Utopia is the only complete home services company designed for social progress for the whole community.  We take care of every aspect of your home or property while building a new generation of home care professionals.

3225 Blake St, #18, Denver , CO 80205