Q: I am thinking about an extensive renovation of my older home. Does Utopia have experience in historic restorations?

A: Yes. We have over forty years of historic renovation experience. Our complete Design/Build service is ideally suited to maintaining your homes inherent architectural character while updating all of the structural and mechanical systems.


Q: My parents are retired and would like to remain in their home. Can Utopia help us make the required changes to facilitate their specific needs?

A: Yes. Utopia is a certified Aging-In-Place Specialist. Finding cost effective solutions for your loved ones long term comfort, safety and happiness is one of the most fulfilling services we offer.


Q: I would like to add a master bedroom and bathroom addition to my home but I’m not sure how to determine the best option. Where do we start?

A: We always start this process with a Feasibility Study. There is a logical path to the best option that includes structural engineering analysis, planning and zoning limitations, architectural compatibility, design aesthetics and construction cost estimates.


Q: I am concerned about the energy efficiency of my older home. What should I upgrade?

A: There are many options and new technologies available. We can present a cost/value benefit analysis for several improvements to help you make an informed decision.


Q: I have a lot of deferred maintenance and small repair projects to do around our home. Does Utopia offer basic handyman services?

A: Yes. We recommend making a complete list of your home improvement and repair projects. A consolidated effort will be the most efficient and cost effective approach.


About us

Utopia is the only complete home services company designed for social progress for the whole community.  We take care of every aspect of your home or property while building a new generation of home care professionals.

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